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Welcome Race Teams!

Feel The Need, The Need for Speed!!! It's all about Gravity & Sheer Courage!!! 36mph : 600m Race Track!!!

This annual Welton Soapbox Derby event will deliver a SPECTACULAR array of amateur drivers racing their homemade 'Soapbox Vehicles'! Each hand-made 'DREAM-MACHINE' is fuelled by nothing but GRAVITY and SHEER COURAGE!!!


This FREE to spectate unique non-motorised racing event challenges you to work as a team to design and build a traditional or Outrageous Soapbox Dream Machine, and compete against the clock in a downhill RACE!!!



  • Your SOAPBOX: Anything goes, in design and shape. A realistic replica, or for those feeling creative - A Living Room, A Fire Engine, A Helicopter, A Narrow Boat, all of which we've seen over the years...

  • Your POWER: Gravity & Sheer Courage! NO Engines, NO Pedals, NO Batteries, NO Electrics, NO Gas, NO NOS, NO Catapults, NO Afterburners...

  • Your BRAKES: You must have an independent and functioning braking system, connected to the vehicle, and applied to a minimum of 2 (Front or Rear) wheels, left and right.

  • Your SAFETY: Helmet, either cycling or motorbike. Gloves, Long Trousers, Long Sleeved Top, Elbow pads, knee pads recommended.

  • Your CONSTRUCTION: All vehicles must be no more than 2.0m wide, 5.0m long, and 2.5m Tall.  Vehicles (excl. driver) must not weigh more than 80kg.  Pre-fabricated vehicles will not be allowed to race. All vehicles will undergo strict pre-race checks prior to racing.  Any vehicle(s) deemed unsafe to race, will not be allowed to enter. No refund if excluded.

  • Your TEAM: Should consist of 4 people minimum, including the driver(s). Co-drivers are optional if design permits. Recommend 2 team members to push start. Only 2 main drivers per cart permitted.

  • Age Groups: 8-11, 12-15 and 16+

  • Your ENTRY: £20 per driver (plus booking fee) across all age groups

  • Your LICENCE TO DRIVE: Each paid up driver, will be given a licence to drive. This licence will cover you for the duration of the race day; is not redeemable and cannot be transferred. No Refunds.

  • Driver(s) under 16 Years: If a driver is under 16 years of age; consent MUST be provided and signed for on the official application form by Parent/Guardian on behalf of.


  • Fastest Run Time in each age group category: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place(s).

  • Fastest overall speed through Speed Trap

  • Best Creativity across all categories.

Winners Podium Ceremony at 17:00 on Race Day.


For an official application form, please register using the form below.

Apply For A Licence To Drive

Your place on the grid will not be confirmed until a completed online application has been submitted with full payment and verified by the Welton Soapbox committee.  Grid positions on race day are determined on a first come, first served basis.


Welton Soapbox Derby is a not for profit organisation; with all funds raised net of running costs distributed to local charities.

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